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AirBnB Photography VRBO Vacation Stay… Whew! It goes by many names. ProMedia tours provides high quality, yet affordable photography for short term rental properties. Clients include private owners, management firms, and full-scale corporations. In Nashville and middle Tennessee, hospitality and AirBnB properties continue to be an important part of our economy. Having the right imagery may give your property a competitive edge.

Our Process

ProMedia Tours’ process for creating and producing imagery for short term rentals is simple and effective.

No longer is there a need to worry about square footage. It’s as simple as selecting the number of photos that fit your budget and your needs.

Read on to see how we do it.

Depending on the service requested, weather may play a part in scheduling. For instance, if we are doing exterior photography or aerial photography and video, the exterior conditions will play a part on how the final presentation will look.

If it’s a photoshoot indoors, it’s probably not necessary to be concerned with the exterior conditions, Unless there’s a big picture window that needs a blue sky or that overlooks something on the exterior then

Again, depending on your type of service, we will upon request, provide a “to do” checklist to help you prepare for your appointment. Most of it is common sense. But there may be one or two items there that help you take your listing over the top.

This is unique to ProMedia Tours.

We will photograph everything that will help you get a booking to your vacation today.

We will send image previews for you to review and select. You will only be charged for you selections. Those images will be the ones we will finish processing.

We will deliver the final images within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your selections.

Some of Our Work

Take a look at our sample portfolio and judge for yourself. Then call or email to discuss your options.

Professional grade media vs value. It’s a tightrope act to provide both. But that’s precisely what we do.

Like To See More?

Some of Our Work

Take a look at our sample portfolio and judge for yourself. Then call or email to discuss your options.

AirBnB Media Services & Pricing

AirBnB Photography Pricing

$1500Per Image (Minimum 30 images or $450.00)
  • Each Additional Image $15.00
  • Delivery in 24-48 hours
  • Includes Standard Post Processing & Color Correction
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Other AirBnB Media Services

When ordering, just check the additional desired services

Twilight Photography

$299002-5 Twilight images
  • Feature Your Property With Dramatic Lighting
  • The Most Attention-Getting Imagery

Drone Photography for AirBnB

$24900Up to 10 Aerial Stills
  • Your Rental From an Elevated Perspective
  • Show Elevated Perspective of Local Amenities

Drone Video for AirBnB

49900Aerial Video of Your Rental
  • Great for Features in Motion

Video Walkthrough for AirBnB / VRBO

$79900Walkthrough Video
  • Showcase amenities in motion
  • Attract more prospects

Video for AirBnB & Aerial Video Package

$124900Aerial and Walkthrough Video
  • Combine Video for AirBnB and Aerial Video
  • Package Savings

The ProMedia Tours Advantage

Professional Photographers

All photography staff of ProMedia Tours are A.S.M.P. members in good standing.

Professional Gear

All of our gear utilized in a photo or video shoot is commercial level. We also regularly upgrade our gear to remain current.

Professional Results

We create and produce AirBnB images that are invoking, inviting, and are designed to inspire potential clients to book your property.


Our AirBnB photography service is an adaptation of architecture and interior photography, our specialty.


We help you prepare your AirBnB property for photography with sound advice and an effective prep checklist.


To achieve the most effective results, we utilize the most advanced techniques as well as tried and true capture methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are sure to be questions, especially if you are new to ProMedia Tours. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.  Just click on the plus to see the answer.

If you have question that is not seen here, just click on the button below to submit your question, no strings attached! We will be happy to add it to our FAQ list.

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