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Twilight Photography

Twilight photography takes the promotion of your project to another level.  Darkness brings out different character, intrigue, romance, and warmth. We have learned over the years to accentuate those features with supplemental lighting and techniques.

The end result? ProMedia Tours creates drama and interest with twilight photography.

Some of Our Work

Take a look at our sample portfolio and judge for yourself. Then call or email to discuss your options.

Professional grade media vs value. It’s a tightrope act to provide both. But that’s precisely what we do.

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Some of Our Work

Take a look at our sample portfolio and judge for yourself. Then call or email to discuss your options.

The ProMedia Tours Advantage

Professional Photographers

All photography staff of ProMedia Tours are A.S.M.P. members in good standing.

Professional Gear

All of our gear utilized in a photo or video shoot is commercial level. We also regularly upgrade our gear to remain current.

Professional Results

We create and produce Real Estate images that are invoking, inviting, and are designed to inspire potential clients to visit your property.


Our Real Estate photography service is an adaptation of architecture and interior photography, our specialty.


We help you prepare your Real Estate listing for photography with sound advice (like checking the weather) and provide an effective prep checklist.


To achieve the most effective results, we utilize the most advanced techniques as well as tried and true capture methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the average price of an AirBnB photoshoot?2023-01-31T14:03:33-06:00


The average photoshoot usually ends up with about 30-50 images, this includes wides for desktops and tablets and talls for phones. The number depends on property size and details. Since images are $15 each, the final pricing ranges from $450-$750. Obviously, additional services such as drone or video would be additional.


Is it my final choice for the number of images?2023-01-31T13:57:22-06:00


Yes with these conditions:

  1. Minimum is 30 images. Otherwise, you have the final say in the image count. Be sure to look at the other FAQ’s to get an idea of how many images are normally taken.
  2. If you are present at a photoshoot, together we will do a walkthrough to determine a good image count.
  3. At the end of the photoshoot if you are present we will review the images taken to select and agree upon images.
  4. If you are not present at the photoshoot then you are trusting us to capture what is needed. (After a couple of sessions and as trust builds, many clients will trust our judgement and choose not to attend every photo session.)


How Soon Can I expect my images?2023-01-31T15:15:43-06:00


This is a two-step process:

  1. After the photo shoot, we will create a Preview package. This will be every image we captured. The preview package will be sent to you usually the same day or following day. All you have to do is pick the ones you like (minimum of 30) and send your pics back to us.
  2. Once we’ve received your selections, we will get to work! Finalized images will usually deliver within 24-48 hours from our acknowledgment of receipt.
How are images delivered?2020-03-28T17:45:25-05:00


You will receive an email with a link to a DropBox folder containing your images.

    We will get back to you quickly with an answer. Your information is never shared.

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