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Grays on Main Exterior - Photographer: Marty Paoletta photographer ProMedia Tours - Photographer, Video, Web, Franklin, Nashville, TN 07 Grays sign pt
Grays on Main Exterior Photographer: Marty Paoletta

Every business needs media (photography, video or a website).  The majority of businesses today have at least a basic website. But fewer businesses have a professional photographer capture their product or service.  Even fewer still have a video telling their business story.

So what is the use of a website with outdated poor imagery and no video to help consumers decide quickly if they have interest in what you have to offer?

The consumer is being inundated with media and will tune out anything that doesn’t grab their attention.  Until recently, the creation of professional media was not accessible to the small business person…

Until now

Marty Paoletta is a professional photographer and videographer working in Franklin and Nashville, TN and founder of ProMedia Tours.

ProMedia Tours helps you to create professional media at an affordable price.

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We provide services as a:

  • Commercial Photographer

    Commercial Photography for your product or service

    ProMedia Tours provides a commercial photographer for companies like Southern Land, Mike Ford Homes, Eric Ross Interiors, for projects in Franklin, Nashville, and Middle TN, as well as nationally.

  • Interior Photographer

    A designer needing professional photography for a magazine or portfolio

    We provide professional magazine-ready Interior photography.

  • Real Estate Photographer

    Realtor needing images taken of a property along with a virtual tour

    One of our specialties is Architectural and Interior Photography.  We use our knowledge and skill to create the highest quality photography.  But we do more.  We teach Realtors how to prepare each home for photography for example by adding finishing touches like fresh cut flowers and candles to add warmth and color to the imagery.

    We have the most advanced virtual tour in the Nashville, Franklin, Williamson County area.  We use tabs to separate and focus on high interest areas of a listing like the kitchen, living room, or master bedroom and bath.

  • Corporate Portrait Photographer

    We provide corporate portrait photography to businesses

  • Videographer

    We do business Narratives, products ads, and Infomercials