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ProMedia Tours provides residential & commercial Real Estate Photography Services.

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Two Levels of Real Estate Photography

Using the most advanced capture methods, exacting attention to detail, and unparalleled World-Class Service, the Residential Series is simply the finest Real Estate Photography available.

Typical Photography vs The Residential Series

Typical Real Estate photography has a yellow or orange color cast over the entire image.  ProMedia Tours uses the True Color System to accurately represent every color, every time.

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In the past, you may have have searched for a Commercial Real Estate Photography service, only to find that the generic services available will only send anyone who can remotely snap a picture.

ProMedia Tours is different. You will be commissioning a specialist, someone with experience in commercial architectural and interior photography and who knows how to get the job done.

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Photography for Business | Commercial Photography

Unsurpassed Specialty Services

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography is the most demanding and exacting type of photography we do. More assistance is involved from stylists to lighting assistants, art directors, all to make one or two shots money makers for a product or service. As you see in our slideshow, Commercial Photography is a fairly broad category.  It ranges from furniture to flooring to clothing.  We do it all.

Paoletta Photography is our brand responsible for all Commercial Photography and Videography. Want to learn more or book a session? Follow the link below!

Who We Are


We have been in virtually every situation and know how to overcome issues on the fly.

We certainly have experience.

ProMedia Tours has taken hundreds of thousands of images. Niche photography services such as Real Estate Photography is difficult from the start.

Other companies use inexperienced photographers to do a more generic style.  We recommend not to waste your hard-earned money.  Use an accredited professional!


We understand Real Estate Photography and we understand business, so we help you prepare for both.

We understand how to discover and capture the sellable elements of each composition. This in turn helps to generate generate interest in your listing, leading to a sale.


No matter which level of  Real Estate Photography  you choose, we make sure that our creations capture the essence of your listing, not just visually, but emotionally.

Sure we enjoy what we do. But we also understand that we are partnering with you to create photography as a major part of your marketing strategy.  That’s why ProMedia Tours makes the extra effort to give you the competitive edge.

We use the best equipment available. Plus we constantly push our real estate photography techniques, always evolving to produce the highest level of quality, every time.

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Photography by Marty Paoletta

Unparalleled Service

A better service experience is our priority. Service is based on the needs of each individual customer. In many cases we will tailor or services to meet your specific need.

We provide a checklist

For Interior Photography, Real Estate Photography, Architectural Photography, or Commercial Photography, ProMedia Tours helps you to properly prepare your listing for photography with a simple, to the point checklist for the designer, builder, or Realtor and their client.  No other company helps you prepare more than us.

We do a Final Walkthrough and Make Adjustments

 We will do a walkthrough with you  through the listing.  Together we will make the final adjustments. You’ve received the checklist. You sent it to your client.  You even called the night before to see that everything is ready.  But upon arrival, you discover that the listing isn’t quite ready.  No worries.  While it is always advantageous to have the listing ready before,  we will help you to get it ready if it’s not.
  • Next day service is no extra charge
  • We never miss an appointment

Our Clients

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